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Yellow Is The Brightest Colour

February 27th, 2014 by baoli

Now is the time to wear a splash of a colour - the antidote to this wettest of winters and an optimistic look to spring.

I don’t know about you, but months of rain, threatening skies, and of course floods have had me convinced the world is an eternal palette of greys and browns. Narnia may have been “…always winter, never Christmas…” but a sneak peek of the snow-bound fun to be had the Winter Olympics in Sochi tells you a crisp, clear day and a bird egg blue sky go a long way to raising the spirits – you don’t see anyone mud boarding, do you? Well not on purpose anyway.

So the fashion world’s paint box bright manifesto – seen everywhere from Stella McCartney to Alexander Wang – although sometimes daunting, right now, seems like the perfect antidote to the eternal gloom. Winter in the UK sees us retreat into greys and blacks. We imagine vivid colour to be the sole preserve of summer - or clowns – and so most of us dabble at our peril.

My sister’s boyfriend, a Bollywood loving Mauritian, has made some efforts to introduce us to this dazzling genre. I’m a self-confessed Hollywood musical fan, but the profusion of exotic, eye-popping colour, singing and dancing was a shock to my English reserve of a system; and I had to have a little lie down with a fog-infused helping of Sherlock Holmes and dank Dickensian London.

But look out over the battleship grey Thames from Leigh-on-Sea and you catch glimpses of the brightest colours signalling a boat or a buoy. And we all remember the traditional, yellow rain-proofed fishermen of children’s stories, right? Even the Musee D’Orsay, in Paris, repainted its walls grey to best enhance the glowing colours of their Impressionist paintings. So there’s a lesson, there: perhaps now is the perfect backdrop for a splash of effervescent colour, after all.

1. Seasalt Cornwall - Inspired by Cornish heritage, Seasalt Cornwall’s Seafolly Jacket – a practical waterproof, windproof and breathable fisherman’s mac, made from PU coated organic cotton, with a feminine twist - has been re-imagined this season in new colours. Ideal for keeping dry - and looking good!

2. Monkee Genes - Denim designers Monkee Genes create jeans “…using organic fabrics made by people who care - because they are being cared for!”. Monkee Genes come in a plethora of styles and colours, for both men and women; with these classic skinnys being produced in organic sateen cotton, bears the Soil Association Organic Standard – and “ our unique interchangeable waistband system”.

3. Sara CInspired by and respectful of the environment” Sara C’s print designs reflect the “ wild beauty of England, Australia and Mexico” using organic shapes “infused with bright washes of colour”. Each piece, like the aptly named Swirl Sunshine is individually handmade in Britain using eco-friendly processes and fabrics – like bamboo.

4. Barefoot Buddha - This Carnelian eco-friendly necklace available at the Baoli shop features a stone of joy, vitality & acceptance. It replaces negativity with a love of life and gives courage and motivation where needed. The Lotus Flower is a symbol of new beginnings, so wear your necklace, believe in its magic and live your life to the full.

5. Non Non - Melissa shoes have made a name as a sustainable yet stylish choice. Made in Brazil, in a socially and environmentally responsible factory, from “patented super-soft Melflex plastic”; which is not only recyclable, but smells nice too! And of course plastic makes them rain-wear perfection.

6. Elvis & Kresse - Available through the Baoli website, Elvis & Kresse fire hoses accessories are made from up-cycled hoses, “previously deployed in active duty for up to 30 years, fighting fires around the UK…”. Added to which they donate 50% of their profits from this range to the Fire Fighters Charity.

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