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Riverford’s James MacGregor: Know where your food comes from

April 18th, 2012 by baoli

As the ancient wisdom goes, you are what you eat. We all know the importance of healthy eating, yet it’s not always easy to make it our daily habit. Hunting for a high quality, fresh organic produce can be time-consuming. Thankfully, there are companies like Riverford who make access to good food simple and easy.

James MacGregor who manages the Riverford farm in Devon has shared his thoughts about the organic food market and why Riverford should be your “go-to” supplier for fresh produce.

What’s the philosophy of Riverford?
We make naturally tasty food accessible through our home delivery box scheme, without the premium price tag, while giving farmers a fair deal along with being a transparent business, so customers value us and feel fairly treated too.

Do you think the local produce in the UK can become mainstream one day?
I think it will - as fuel prices increase, reducing the availability of produce from further afield.

Is organic always going to be more expensive than what you can buy in a supermarket?
Riverford’s organic produce is cheaper in a lot of instances. Due to the rising cost of fertilisers and chemicals, conventional farming is reducing it dependency on the latter and moving towards a more natural method of production. For this reason I think the price difference between organically and conventionally produced food will begin to close.

What’s the difference between ordering a Riverford box and going to your local farmers market?
Farmers’ markets are great, however we provide a wide selection throughout the year due to working with growers over long periods of time and building relationships and supply systems. We also source from outside the UK, allowing our customers to have a selection through the harder winter times and we know the provenance of where the produce has come from as we’ve visited all of our growers. At farmers’ markets if they don’t grow the produce themselves or purchase it from a neighbouring farmer, there often won’t be the traceability behind the product.

What else are you offering apart from fruit and veg?
We have a new range of meat and veg boxes where a week’s supply of organic veg comes with three cuts of organic meat. We’ve also got a new cheese shop launching soon, as well as a new picnic range which will include pies, flans, and tasty dips. All made using our organic produce, by our farm shop kitchen.

Your personal favourite recipe?
Purple sprouting broccoli with hollandaise sauce.

How do you define wellbeing?
Understanding where your food comes from, and sharing good food with people that are important to you.

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