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January Blues

January 9th, 2014 by baoli

Whether you wrap up or step up blue will suit you…

January is a funny month. Family filled holidays and festive overindulgence has long since seen the first month of the calendar year cast as the time of new beginnings. The papers smugly announce how many of our well intentioned resolutions – to lose weight or shape up in any which way – are ultimately doomed. With the first working Monday of the year being dubbed D-day, no, not doomsday, divorce day.

Not that inspiring, right? Well, to be honest I think we’ve got it all wrong. Instead of seeing the dark days of January and February as something to be endured until spring raises its pretty head, let’s see it as a time for cultivating creativity. A time for nurturing those ‘dreaming seeds’ Kahlil Gibran spoke of.

Indeed Janus, the god after which the month was named, was a two-faced god, looking back as well as forward. And there in lies the paradox. January doesn’t have to be the most mirthless month following the most magical. Just as blue can mean sadness, depression or cold, it can equally signify clear skies, open-mindedness, calmness and ultimately has been discovered to enhance creativity.

So get out in the crisp air, light a blue candle or wrap up in lapiz lazuli layers and celebrate 2014!

1. Vivienne Westwood - Handmade in Nairobi and supported by the International Trade Center’s Ethical Fashion Program of the United Nations, Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa collection is “…produced from recycled materials by marginalised communities of women…”. Practical, stylish and ethical!

2. Fair & TrueMade in the UK, Malawi and Nepal under fairtrade, charity-based schemes or from sustainable materials, FAIR+true is brand that keeps ethics and style close to it’s heart.” And this vegan and fairtrade fleece cocoon coat from Fair & True will keep you cosy and cool this winter.

3. Goodone - London-based Goodone “…specialise in up-cycling; innovatively combining new British and sustainable fabrics with reclaimed textiles.” Creating directional “bold, colour-blocked styles”.

4. People Tree - Ever popular, for over twenty years, “People Tree has partnered with Fairtrade artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce a collection of ethical and eco fashion.” Like these stylish yet utterly wearable fleece-lined trousers.

5. AEOS - Add a dash of colour to your style with Aeos’s vegan nail lacquer – available via The Baoli website. “Free from the toxic chemicals traditionally used in nail preparations, namely: Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalates (DBP)” - phew!

6. United Nude - Design-focused United Nude produce beautiful shoes in innovative ways, often with ethical consideration – creating waves with zero-waste 3-D printed shoes, no less. These Northern Lights boots are made from, “A single strip moves fluently around the foot, like a scarf wrapped around a slender neck.”

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