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Adriana Carlucci: “A beautiful fragrance can contribute to a person’s wellbeing”

July 26th, 2013 by baoli

This month we talk to Ancienne Ambiance’s founder Adriana Carlucci who encourages us to step back in time through the use of fragrance and indulge in ancient-themed luxury goods designed to balance your body and mind…

How did the idea for Ancienne Ambiance come around?
It was a combination of client feedback to our mother company seeking ancient themed goods and my lifelong passion for fragrance. Ancienne Ambiance was first created nine years ago as the ancient-themed luxury goods brand of world-renowned Ancient Art gallery
What is your inspiration behind Ancienne Ambiance products?
The world of antiquity- mainly Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ancient civilisations.

What is the essence of Ancienne Ambiance and your ambitions?
The essence is special luxury goods for the home and body with unique fragrances inspired by ancient times. Our products are natural and benefit people seeking luxuries unlike any others. We will add further ranges and continue to grow as a niche luxury lifestyle brand.
Describe your typical working day…
Usually mornings are spent dealing with emails and overseeing orders. Afternoons can be a mix of product development and meetings.

What is your favourite Ancienne Ambiance product? And why?
Each product is a baby I love in a different way, but the one product I’ll never be without is our Goddess Argan Oil. I carry it in my bag to use as a cuticle oil, it’s my night-time face oil and my body oil after each shower. It’s super nourishing and keeps dry skin at bay.

How long is the process from an idea to the final product?
It totally depends on the product. It has taken me a couple of years to perfect our upcoming Reed Diffusers (they launch this Autumn), but soaps for example took a few months.

Where can we find your products apart from your online shop?
We are very careful with distribution as we we like to remain in control of our products. You’ll find our goods in very select speciality boutiques and websites.

How do Ancienne Ambiance products improve people’s wellbeing?
Fragrance is powerful and can contribute to a person’s wellbeing. A beautiful fragrance or unique product can make you feel amazing and special, this is what we aim to do through the best quality natural ingredients.

Is this something you always dreamt of doing?
I’ve always had a passion for fragrance, beauty and classical civilisations. I didn’t dream about mixing them together, but for it to have become my working life is amazing.

Describe in 3 words what wellbeing means to you…
CALM, COMFORT AND CONTENTMENT. If you have these three elements you’re on the path to greater wellbeing.

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