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A Gift Is Not Just For Christmas

November 25th, 2013 by baoli

A gift given with real spirit can keep those yule-tide embers burning all year and beyond…

My mum is eternally freaked out by Christmas. No, she’s not the White Witch of Narnia, she just gets overwhelmed by the holiday hubbub and kind of malfunctions - resulting in a kind of anti-gift. “I didn’t know what to get, so I got you something I don’t think you’ll like in a pattern you’ll find off-putting, darling!”

I’m not talking about those well meaning gifts which just miss the mark for one reason or another – that’s part of the wabi sabi beauty of Christmas, along with brussel sprouts (eergh) and family disputes. I’m referring to those soulless gifts given with an “It’s the thought that counts” warranty, often meaning I didn’t really put any effort into this, in case you wondered…

The holiday season is always open to allegations of crass consumerism and yet going all bah humbug is missing the point. It really isn’t quantity, but quality. This doesn’t have to mean expensive – one of my most treasured possessions is a small rose pendant, from Miss Selfridge, a gift from my dad. Not the most demonstrative of dads, I was truly touched that he remembered I’d liked it and made the effort to go back and buy it for me.

Not to get all Dickensian about it but maybe we should take a tip from the Victorians and consider giving little things with big meanings. Symbols of our enduring love, our hopes for a peaceful and prosperous future, or a shared memory, even. Wishes and sentiments the person can tap into way after the fairy light magic of Christmas has faded.

1. Nancy Dee’s Gloria Maxi Dress - Nancy Dee are all about ethical fashion at affordable prices. Oh, and comfort with style - their large range is often made from super-soft bamboo jersey.

2. Love Bullet’s Crystal Power Pendant - Love bullets transform traditional symbols of destruction into works of art and give a portion of the proceeds from each product sold to the charity Warchild.

3. Baca’s Charm Your Life Bracelet - A part of Maiti Nepal Collection, the mission of Maiti Nepal is to rescue, protect and rehabilitate survivors of trafficking. Every morning an optional collective dancing ceremony is taking place where the women can express their feelings in the art of dancing often wearing charm bracelets so that their moves becomes something extra-ordinary.

4. Minna’s Lace Selvage Antoinette Jacket - Minna’s Antoinette jacket may be part of their gorgeous ethical wedding-wear collection, but this fluffy jacket made from lace selvage - a by-product of the lace manufacturing industry – is a piece you’ll treasure forever.

5. Satya Jewellery’s Auspicious Earrings - Satya Jewellery is designed and hand-crafted with the adventurous woman in mind and feature sacred symbols and semi-precious stones like citrine, which represents radiance, happiness and awareness. These Auspicious earrings are part of the Winter Solstice Collection inspired by sun motifs and the reflective nature of the winter period.

6. Barefoot Buddha’s Joy Necklace at The Baoli - Barefoot Buddha believe ‘we all deserve to live joyous lives even though life can sometimes get us down’ and have handmade this piece with carnelian - a stone of joy, vitality & acceptance and a golden lotus flower – symbol of new beginnings to live our life to the full.

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