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Entries from September 2011

Maya Fiennes: Make the most of who you are, rather than try to be who you’re not

September 17th, 2011 No Comments

Music and yoga go hand in hand for Maya Fiennes. A professional pianist, Maya brings the sound of music and the joy of mantra into her yoga practice. She is a passionate advocate of yoga for everyone and chose Kundalini as her yoga style for its ability to deliver strong and immediate effects to the [...]

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Roasted Beetroot and Goats Cheese Pasta Fusilli

September 17th, 2011 No Comments

This has been our family and friends’ favourite meal and a popular choice by everyone at many occasions, even people who claimed not to eat or like beetroot at all. We prepared this beetroot pasta in many variations, including lasagne, so the choice is yours as the key really is the delicious beetroot & cheese [...]

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Ground Your Feet

September 16th, 2011 No Comments

Indian Summer is here and the sun is still shining. Why don’t you make the most of it and get the body feeling more calm and relaxed before the gloomy and cold days of the upcoming season sneak in. It’s great to practice at home or in the garden while the BBQ’s and picnics are [...]

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